Inflight Must Have | Cashmere

Travel My Lifestyle | by Serena Elise


Preparation is key for any long haul flight. Regardless of whether you are turning left upon boarding, (flat bed, inflight travel goodies, champagne) or turning right (semi reclined chair, screaming babies, $6 Chardonnay) …comfort whilst flying will either make or break the way you feel upon arrival.

Cashmere…the word evokes comfort, luxury, and class. It is the perfect travel mate.

Eyes | I always travel with my cashmere eye mask.  It is soft and blocks the light so you are able to relax and sleep even when the cabin lights are up…or your neighbour insists on keeping the window shade up during the day. Cashmere breathes so it won’t stifle like the nylon masks. It is worth the $$.


Neck | I often wonder why so many people travel with the squishy u shape neck pillow. I think they are super uncomfortable. Too upright for my liking. Staying on the…

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