Long Winters Call for Short Sleeves

{ dear marny }

I know, it is brutally cold in most of the country. This looks like the real deal kinda winter. We are even feeling some of it in Florida. Don’t roll your eyes, it is all relative. Enter: the short sleeve sweater.

So here is my theory on sweaters: they make a lot of sense, of course, but if you are wearing a coat {and I am talking about the heavy duty kind} and a scarf, and all of the various pieces that come along with winter, you only need part of a sweater. Once you get to where you are going, you peel off the top layers, begrudging {after all, you just spent 30 minutes pulling yourself together}. And, if you are wearing something too thick, you are sweating your b@lls off. It’s part of the pains of winter. So, the short sleeve sweater making sense to you yet?

Some of my…

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