Did you do this to your hair in the 90s?


We had hair like this in the 90s (Picture: YouTube) We had hair like this in the 90s (Picture: YouTube)

The answer is, probably. We all looked dodgy in the 90s – just look at Justin Timberlake – which makes it all the more incredible that the decade is back in fashion.

From pictures of Kim Kardashian sporting pedal pushers in LA, to the Caterpillar boots worn at New York Fashion Week, those looks we’d pushed to the back of our minds and wardrobes are bubbling up under the surface again.

And it’s only a matter of time before even those terrible 90s hairdos make a comeback. Admit it, you were just thinking that Rachel cut really used to suit you.

But before you book the appointment at Toni & Guy, here’s 10 things we did to our hair in the 90s that we lived to regret.

1. Curtains + undercut = what were we thinking?

Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano ponders whether he should opt for his neighbour's undercut to spruce up his curtains (Picture: YouTube) Jared Leto as Jordan…

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